My travels in the US

Before I moved to Boston I had been to 73 independent countries and all the continents except Antarctica, but North America was the only indigenously inhabited continent I had not traveled in at length. In the US I had only been to New York twice for a long weekend and that was it. I had been saving this country up for later, wanting to check the more challenging places off my bucket list first, the ones I thought I’d be better off visiting while I was still young and in good health and didn’t have children.

When I got the chance to come and live in the US and travel freely as part of my work I was ecstatic about getting to explore the continent that was all new to me. I used to collect countries, trying to visit as many different ones as I could, and now I’m doing the same with US states.

Below you see a map of the states I’ve visited so far.

States I've Visited updated



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